with 3D Interactive Catalogues.

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Paper brochures and static photos are so #YESTERDAY

A 3D Interactive Catalogue allows shoppers to browse, swipe, move, grab, rotate, and resize virtual 3D models of your products on a digital billboard.

What your signage could look like.

Key Features

Photo realism

Our 3D models are photo-realistic, of high quality and generally awesome.

Adaptable Ads

Automatically customise your ads to suit the demographics of shoppers who pass by.

Intuitive User Interface

Use touchscreens or our touch-less user interface to elicit shopper hands-on engagement.

Automated Analytics

Track and analyse shopper demographics and browsing preferences to improve your marketing strategy.

Cost efficient

A single 3D model can be used across an unlimited number of digital signs.

Effective Content Management

Have full control of your digital content at your finger tips, any time, anywhere.

Unique, eye-catching and easy to install.

Photo-realistic 3D models of your products are scanned with state of the art 3D scanners.

3D models are placed into digital catalogues of your choice, themed to your business.

Shoppers can browse and interact in 3D with traditional touch screens, or at a distance without a touch screen using our unique touch-less user interface.

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