Interactive Games

Engage your customers with unique instore experiences.

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Interactive Games allow your company or brand to immerse customers into an experience which directly influences mindshare.

Key Features

Natural user interface

No extra hardware devices necessary to play.

Full body tracking

Players can interact with their entire body.

Single player / Multi player

Have users play alone or with friends.


Encourage competition by including a top-scorer's list.

Mobile engagement

Let players interact and engage with their mobile phones.

Social media

Players can share to their network on the spot.

Sign me up

Allow players to sign up for more content.

Wave & Print

Print out coupons, vouchers and photos on the spot.

Automated analytics

Analyse player demographics and preferences to fine tune your marketing strategy.

Interactive Games

Games are a great way to capture the hearts and minds of shoppers and increase their receptiveness towards new ideas and products. Incorporating gaming elements into your marketing message not only creates a memorable experience, but also excites shoppers to take action.

Our unique technology stack focusing on interactive media and user experience is the ideal platform upon which game-centric marketing campaigns can be created and launched.

Interested in the technology but need help with ideas? Our team will brainstorm and pitch to you various options for creating a solid and engaging marketing campaign tailored specifically to your business.

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