Computer Vision SDK

Accelerate your 3D sensor project with the Kinetic Vision SDK.

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Key Features

Sensor Management

Our Computer Vision SDK provides a complete set of abstractions over the Microsoft Kinect SDK to simplify use and deployment.

Click On Hover

Simple control which performs all user management for your 3D app and supports click on hover functionality.

WPF (XAML) and Windows Forms

All controls in the framework have complete drag and drop support in either WPF or Windows Forms.


Provides all the required components for implementing demographics analytics in your solution with the Kinect and either NeuroTechnology or Microsoft Oxford.


Built in controls for green screening and real-time 3D object overlaying in 3D space.


NUI and Computer Vision applications are a unique beast. Engagement management, interaction logic, user analytics, all are unique problems that Computer Vision application developers face. Our SDK solves the grunt work, so you can get on with building your projects.

Sensor Management

3D depth sensors are complicated animals. The core code you use to process the depth sensor data must be fast, easy to use, tested and reliable. Our sensor management framework fulfills all these requirements.

Click On Hover

Anyone who has tried to use the built in Mouse Region in the Microsoft Kinect SDK knows the pain and poor user experience first hand. Our mouse control, takes all the great aspects of the Kinect SDK Mouse Region and removes all the bad. Most importantly, our mouse control supports 'click on hover' (which the Microsoft Kinect SDK doesn't provide).

WPF and Windows Forms

If you're using WPF, an easy to use drag and drop XAML control is mandatory. We've provided you one; our controls support simple databinding to sensor managers and is backwards compatible with Windows Forms


A requirement for most modern applications is analytics but when you're dealing with Computer Vision apps it's essential. We provide you all the tools necessary to collect, store and process complete and accurate demographics information using 3D depth cameras.

Green Screening

All Augmented Reality 3D applications start with a live video stream or a green screen. We provide you simple controls that let you create a functional green-screen in a couple of clicks or lines of code. We handle all the body processing and draw the results on a flexible control.

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