Automated Retail Kiosk

with Virtual Mirror functionality.

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No Staff. No Stock. No Store.

A fully automated and interactive retail kiosk is all you need to engage, market, and sell.

Key Features

3D Augmented Reality

We use 3D augmented reality visualisations to engage shoppers and grab attention.

Real-Time Interaction

Leveraging on the best in artificial intelligence, our system interacts with the user live and in real-time for a smooth user experience.

Virtual Store

Our system isn't just a gimmick, we improve your bottom line by providing a complete turn-key Virtual Reality shopping experience.

Tiny footprint

The kiosk can operate in an area no larger than 1 metre square.

Social Media Integration

Allow shoppers to share photos on the spot. Word of mouth is the best advertising.

Customer Insights

Customer demographics and preferences are automatically collected and summarised to provide customer insights.

24/7 Operation

Operate your store round the clock. Computers don't need sleep!

Remote Access

Access sales information and customer analytics anywhere, any time of day.

Hassle Free

From content management to payment and reporting - we handle everything.


Bricks and mortar retailers stand out by having a physical presence, but have to grapple with high rent, staff, and stock costs. Online retailers are able to slash their operating costs, but are at the mercy of web traffic flow and online advertising. What better way than to bring the advantages of both worlds together into one!

Kinetic Vision's patented interactive retail kiosk is at the cutting edge of retail automation. Our kiosks are designed with a simple philosophy in mind -- Maximise shopper engagement, minimise retail complexity. This technology allows retailers (both real world and online) to set up shop and expand their physical footprint without the associated risks and costs of operating another store.

Leveraging on the latest 3D sensors and our unique "Personal Augmented Reality" technology, this fully automated kiosk serves as an interactive billboard for retailers to advertise and engage shoppers through targeted and personalised content.

The use of augmented reality to project and visually associate merchadise with the shopper creates a compelling engagement between shopper and brand which encourages action.

Our "Automated Retail Kiosk" functionality allows shoppers to interactively browse and instantly try out virtual merchandise on the spot; forget about re-directing shoppers to a website they might not visit. Intelligent algorithms automatically customise merchandise to suit shoppers of different preferences and varying body sizes.

Importantly, we also provide shoppers the ability to make a purchase on the spot. Browsing and shopping can be done at any time of the day or night - computers don't need sleep.

Behind the scenes, our algorithms perform face detection, sex and age estimation, body size measurements, and various other analytics to create a virtual profile of each and every shopper.

The aggregate information relating to every visitor, their actions and their preferences are automatically analysed, summarised and mapped out into convenient reports for business owners and management. These reports are continuously updated and accessible via the internet at anytime and anywhere. As our client, the key to effective decision making is just a mouse click away!

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